Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why is this so hard?

The amount of excitement around this project continues to grow. There are so many benefits to passion and excitement around a new project: motivation, creativity, hard work, pride in the product. However, there is one glaring issue that I cannot seem to shake: PICK SOMETHING! In order to get started, I need a focus, something small, that can be quantified. My climbing guide just recently gave me some more articles to consult to get ideas. I was very struck by this one in particular, and I finally feel like I can begin to build something. 

ESchool News published an article on self-paced learning. The writer, Peter West, opens by discussing the idea of "average" and creating "average" material in hopes that everyone will fit into it. I know from a very short time in the education field that school does not work that way, but that's exactly what we do. With this amazing 1:1 opportunity, school does not need to be one "average" size meant to fit all students. Using inspiration from various articles, including the one linked above, I would like to create a way to measure success between students who are given material in a self-paced way and students who are given material in the traditional classroom manner. 

The questions now become...
How do I split students in a way that is ethical?
How do I choose a way to assess students on what they've learned?
Is "self-paced" the same as "personalized"? 
When do I find the time and space to do this with my students this year?
What is the content connection?

I need to remember to keep it contained! Keep it small. Attainable. I appreciate the help of my teammates today, talking through my mind circles.

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  1. Mind circles! I love it. I want to recommend a consult with John. He is very skilled at helping to refine and focus research. I'll email him and ask him to connect with you.