Thursday, April 17, 2014

Team Building

Constantly inspired by other teachers, I found Christian Long's TED Talk incredibly interesting and inspiring! I've always found it interesting to build opportunities that allow students to feel they can "fail safely" in my classroom, but the world as a design problem is incredible! 

Based on his TED talk, the lesson, and other resources, I would like to put my project completely in student hands. How can I best provide help? I'm considering adding the following questions to my feedback system in order to better serve students. If I truly want their engagement, I need to involve them as much as possible. 

Successes in humanities 
Challenges in humanities 
Teacher help/check in YES or NO 
How would you like to be helped? (By myself, in a small group, in class review) 
When would you like to be helped? (During class, during recess, during lunch, etc.) 

I'm excited to get started!

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