Thursday, April 17, 2014

The frame is working

After completing the Frameworker badge in the Scaling framework, I'm feeling much better about my direction. Taking the time to respond to each of the documents really does help to define purpose and a plan. I now know, after much agonozing, that I have chosen the right path for me, my students, and my future instruction. Student feedback is so important for a multitude of reasons--first and foremost, relationship building. Middle level students must feel as though they have a relationship with teachers before they can do just about anything else. These personal connections we build with students create a framework for successful work in the classroom for both students and teachers. By allowing students a regular and results based method for delivering feedback, they feel as though we care (which, of course, we do!) and that they have a voice in their own education. Everyone, middle level students included, places more value on something they are invested in. When students take an interest in their education, amazing things happen. By checking in with students using technology as a platform, I can regularly and efficiently meet the needs of my students. Essentially, they are in the driver's seat here. They are choosing to open up to me by either a) sharing their successes/challenges and b) requesting help or a check in. I not only hope I can improve instruction by meeting the academic needs of my students, but I also hope to deepen my relationship with my students by not only asking for, but valuing and responding to their feedback.

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